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Aug 18 16 1:55 AM

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- D&D 4e drop-in campaign
- Saturdays at 7 p.m. Central starting August 27th
- characters are level 7, 10,000 gp to spend on equipment
- And WotC source available
- Discord and Maptool 1.4.03

I'm going to be starting up a D&D 4e campaign, but it'll be a bit different.  I've been seeing and hearing a lot about people (including myself) coming up with characters or builds they'd like to play (Bola Seeker), but never get to because you can only play one character at a time, so I thought I could do something about that.

The conceit is the PCs are all members of an Adventurer's Guild which receives the quests that the players then take and to go on.  Each session will be designed as a one-shot so players can drop in or out as they're available or so you can try a new character whenever you want.  You could play the same character week to week, a different one each week, or switch in and out whenever you want.

The Guild will be in a huge melting-pot metropolis of a city with anything you could look for in or around it.  Basic races are common, but any exotic ones can be found without much difficulty.  Any character you can come up with can have a place in the city.  I'm also thinking the city will have a good amount of elemental influence and flavour, making Genasi one of the more common races.
I haven't yet chosen a name for the Guild or the City.  If you have ideas for these or for cool things the Guild or City could have, please suggest them.  I always like the players having input on the world.

Characters will be level 7, as a good level for class and gameplay balance, where you have the options to have a unique build without being too complicated.  Any WotC-published material is acceptable.  If you have any concerns or ideas for a character that would need something beyond this we can talk it over.

If the characters leveled up, they'd get too complicated for just dropping in and if characters accumulated loot then new characters would be at a notable disadvantage.  Therefore, progression will work as such:
- Characters are always at level 7 (you're good at what you do, can handle pretty much anything, are notable, but not legendary).
- Any Theme is acceptable, only basic backgrounds (a class skill or +2 to a skill)
- You will get loot as part of the story of a session, but usually will not retain it (it's handed over to the guild, which you then get a cut of as your paycheck).
- You have 10,000 gp to purchase equipment with at character creation.
- Completing a story will increase this amount by 250 gp for any character you play, current or future.

Being a series of one-shots, there will be less opportunity for character growth.  I can try to provide development opportunities for recurring characters, but can't guarantee it.
I also can't guarantee that I'll be able to build anything on a character's backstory.  If you have something that inspires me I might do a story on it, but due to the nature of the campaign I can't focus on giving each character a turn in the spotlight.
What this means is I won't be able to use a detailed backstory, as a player you don't really even need one, and if you do make one focus on who the character is rather than plot hooks.

The best time to play, for me and the players I've talked with already, is generally Saturday evenings, probably at 7 p.m. Central (though this can change) with the first session on August 27th.  If you can't regularly make it, don't worry, it's designed that you can show up whenever you can.  Due to the drop-in nature of a campaign, the sessions will start right at 7 with whoever is there at the time (so show up a bit early).

Though I can record a session, I can't stream one,but if someone who's on regularly wants to I don't have any objections.  The game will be played with Maptool (version 1.4.03) and Discord (

If I've missed anything, you have ideas or names for the Guild or City, or you have any questions at all, please let me know, here, on Twitter ( or leave a message in Discord.

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Aug 18 16 2:23 AM

I'll be throwing in a character or two myself, Dyl always has a knack for running interesting sessions.  I remember this one Christmas-themed one-shot involving (edit: rambling story cut for the sake of brevity ;3 )
And I needed an excuse to check out the newest maptools version anyways...

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.

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Aug 20 16 4:54 PM

I might be up for that. Probably not every weekend, but when I can. 

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Aug 20 16 9:41 PM

Tachi wrote:
Do you know what the time is for GMT? if its late enough i MIGHT be able to join it, i'd love to be a player in something again 4e

We're in Daylight Savings Time right now, so I believe it'd be 12:00 a.m., midnight Greenwich Mean.  (GMT-5, GMT-6 after DST is over)  (math was off before)

There are currently 10 people in the Discord.  I don't know how many players there will be per session, but if there are consistently a large number of people wanting to play I could maybe do a second time, which would be Wednesday during the day sometime (which would also be a better time for most non-NA players).

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Aug 21 16 12:08 AM

If anyone knows anyone who would like to play or just try out 4e, don't be afraid to invite them.  I know there's already one player like this.
And if anyone has any ideas for things they want to be part of the city or larger world, I'll always be open to them.

Now some notes on how the game will go:

I'll have three or so quests ready for each week (with some exceptions, such as the first session) for people to choose from for the following week.  I'll post the quest bills in the Discord along with a poll to vote on what to do next time.

Before/at the beginning of the session I'll have everyone roll a d100 luck roll and set it as their initiative.  Once sorted, that can be the order people introduce their characters and themselves, since there are players from different groups and can always be new players and characters.

There will be a dozen pregenerated characters to choose from for players that don't want to or haven't made their own.  One of each role in three categories: Simple Essentials, Standard, and Silly/Gimmick builds.

Combat with large numbers of people can take a long time.  I'll do what I can, and what players can do is have a plan ro two for what you're going to on your turn before your turn comes up.  If you have your turn planned out, it can take less than a minute.  Things may change just before your turn that mess up our plans and it's fine to take longer because of that, but this really is the best way to get 4e combat going.  I'll do the same for the enemies.

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