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May 28 16 1:34 PM

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So, I am currently considering doing another one or two one-shot RPG adventures for people who watch my streams and/or who are interested in trying out tabletop RPGs. I did a tutorial-esque D&D 4th edition game on the stream a few years back which was a huge success. (we had enough interest that I ended up running the adventure 4 or so times with different groups each time) 

This time I am thinking of doing either an Iron Kingdoms RPG one-shot, or a Feng Shui: the Action Movie RPG one-shot. Both are fairly easy games to pick up on if you haven't played them before. (or tabletop games at all) Both are games that I really enjoy running adventures in, and I do think both are a TON of fun to play.

If you are interested in playing, all you will need is the following: 
1) a stable internet connection.
2) Discord and a decent mic.
3) a copy of the MapTool software (b91 version) which can be downloaded from for free
4) Several hours on the day it ends up happening
5) A willingness to learn the game and to have fun! 

Note: I will likely be streaming these games.

I will be providing quickstart rules for the game in question and a bunch of pre-generated characters to choose from. I will be explaining how the game works as we play so it's NO problem at all if you've never played before. :)

If you are interested, what I need is to know is the following:
1) If you are interested
2) Have you played any tabletop RPGs before
3) Your preference for one of the two games (and your level of familiarity with the games)
4) when you will be most available to play

Iron Kingdoms is a Fantasy RPG in a world with magic, early firearms and steam powered technology (including robots with magic computer brains that are called Steamjacks) 

Feng Shui is (primarily) set in the late 90s in Hong Kong with interjections of weirdness. It recreates the crazy world of Hong Kong action cinema. So, badass/over the top martial arts, deadly gunmen, Maverick Cops, crazy action and stunts galore.

Let me know over twitter, or shoot me an email at

Thanks, and I hope to see some of you all at the virtual table! :D 
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