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May 10 16 8:42 PM

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Okay, so if I am going to keep on with the streaming thing, I need to figure some things out. But to do that, I need to hear from the people who have ever followed the stream.

First off, do you have a prefered streaming service where I should be streaming? Ie. Do you have a preference for Hitbox or Twitch?

Secondly, are there particular types of games you would be more interested in me streaming? Are there particular games you'd like to see? Here is my Steam library, it's not an exhaustive list of all the games I have, but it's a start: 

Lastly, what times of the day/night are you most likely to watch?

I still need to work out some other things to improve the stream. These include better layouts/overlays, art/panels for the stream page and such. And, if I stay on Hitbox, some actual emotes, since I am *technically* a partner there, and people *could* subscribe and have emotes to use. (this last bit would be moot if I go back to Twitch, since there is basically zero chance I'll become a partner there)

Anywho, all responses and feedback would be HIGHLY appreciated. Either here in the forums, or you can hit me up via email or whatever. Thanks ever so much, and I hope to get back to streaming more regularly and, hopefully, be in a better mood while doing so.
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May 10 16 9:29 PM

I followed the streams quite regularly for a while, however I haven't been caught up for quite a while now. The main issue, in my case, was time management. While I did enjoy catching the streams, the issue that came up for me is that I got to a point where I needed to cut back the time I was spending on streams and the like, and because of that, I ended up almost solely focusing on youtube, due to its speed controls (since, at 2x speed, I could watch a decent amount of content, without cutting too deeply into the time I needed to spend on other things), so I would keep up with podcasts and RPG streams, but it meant I couldn't catch things live or regular video game streams. Unfortunately, I don't know what value this answer has to the question at hand, but I thought it might be of some use at least.

As far as the other questions, since I do enjoy the streams, I would like to watch them again (though, admittedly, I would probably be less active than other potential responders). Hitbox is probably preferable to Twitch, if VODs are captured (while I would like to watch live, often times, if I miss a stream of a longer game, like Fallout or Skyrim, or whatever is popular nowadays, it makes it harder to watch future streams, not knowing what I missed). I am unsure if anything has changed since I last was active, but Hitbox seemed to have a shorter delay, and fewer 'hiccups' as far as streams went.

For games, I'm not entirely sure. I tend to enjoy longer games, but they are easier for me to fall behind on. I have the same likes and dislikes watching MMOs as when I play them: a lot of the time (the good ones at least) they can be fun to go through once, but it's hard to stay invested on future playthroughs, after having seen the quests and the like (for which oddly enough, I don't have an issue with games like Fallout or the like; I think it's something to do with the way quests are different between the styles of game). And games like Binding of Isaac are probably the easiest to watch, since there's no overarching story, that makes me feel like I need to keep up with every stream, but it's also a game style that I think is best with multiple people on stream, which made it always a good post-RPG session game. I can't say I have a clear answer, as far as the games on the steam library, but hopefully this is worth something.

As for times, Evening, starting after 5-6pm EST is probably best.

I don't know how much help this is, since a lot of my issues don't really come down to the streaming service, or games or times, but just the amount of time in general, but I hope this helps at least somewhat, since I do want to get back into watching your streams, if I can afford the time.

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May 11 16 12:15 AM

I can echo the time management concern: as a full time student, I really don't have much control over where and when I have free time, ESPECIALLY in the weeks leading up to finals (like the last month). When I have to choose between passing a class and watching a stream, I know where my priorities need to be.

Content wise, I really have no preference: you should be playing what you want and the audience will become engaged if YOU are engaged in the game. Even a bad game can be fun to watch if everyone is having a good time at it's expense. Whenever I have time to actually sit down and WATCH a stream (I.E. I'm not doing schoolwork or doing something with a friend online) then I tend to enjoy myself regardless of what you are actually playing.

As for the Twitch Vs Hitbox debate... Hitbox IS the better service, but more people are going to be able to find your stuff on Twitch. There is really nothing you can do about that in the long run, I think... the Internet has chosen it's preferred platform and that won't change any time soon. Unfortunately, that means that it's MUCH harder to interact with your audience, with their stream delay and all. But if you are looking for numbers, you already know where the audience is at.

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May 11 16 8:52 AM

Well, i always try to make the streams when i see the twitter output, tend to even have them on the side even when i'm running my own games. I just can't when i'm doing my own stream on Fridays and Saturday my day off the internet. As a preference between Twitch and hitbox, i prefer hitbox, but i think twitch you're more likelly to attract more people. 

As for games i enjoy? Well, besides the times we got to gether in STO i have enjoyed your delvings into RPG's and games like Star Controll, which i hadn't heard of until you played it. Adventure games as well made for entertaining commentery and play. Specially the TellTale ones, but overall? play what you yourself enjoy. Though admitably as you said on twitter less compettitive games could be a good idea for a while. 

As for time? heh, besides the two listed days above any stream would be an evning to night stream for me xD but really when ever is good.

Edit: One thing you could do is dedicate a night or something to games you play with us? Like say a Civ night or something. Or Smite

DMs a D&D game on Wednesdays with fellow mechamunnity members on neochicks twitch with campaign information here

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May 21 16 1:32 AM

I'll be honest, the only streams I really watched were the live Tabletop RP session and I doubt that will change in the future. I caught those live when I could, but my schedule is never set in stone so I usually just ended up catching the archive afterward or seeing it posted on youtube and watched them there in recent years (*cough*Star City*cough*). I don't think those are the games you are talking about in this thread, so I guesss I don't have much to offer. I wish you all the luck in your improvement efforts, though.

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