Aug 22 14 10:40 PM

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Greetings Grognards,
in our Pathfinder game the brother of my character has died and his soul entered the mind of my character.  
The result is that now said brother is now "living" in my characters mind, pretty much like Nail is in Piccolo's head in Dragon Ball Z Abridged.  
The GM had surprised me with that and I thought it could be fun. However it turned out different then what I was imagining.
Basically the character plot line ran dry quickly and the character was barely mentioned after.
Now I ask every once in a while what the brother thinks about the current situation, just to remind everyone that he is still there.
I have come to the realization that telling my GM to have the brother make witty remarks is not really the way to go, because it essentially is asking him to pay me more attention,
which wouldn't be so bad if my character wasn't already the face of the party and the one that talks to most NPCs. I don't want it to look like the GM is favoring me.
Me taking over the character doesn't work ether because I would still have the brother make remarks that only my character can hear.  
I just don't want the potential see go to waste, so if you guys have ideas how to make it more fun for everybody, that would be great.
Love the show, etc.  
 - Phintias