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Nov 10 13 9:50 AM

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So I haven't had the chance to try the game first hand yet, but I am liking what I'm reading.
So I thought I would drop the question on the Forums.

Has either of you tried the system? Experiences opinions etc.
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Nov 15 13 8:23 PM

Re: Starwars: Edge of the Empire

Yesterday some friends and I bought the Beginner's Game set for EotE and we all fell in love with the game. The Narrative Dice system just keeps everyone constantly striving to invent new twists and complications for even the simplest checks, and the Triumphs and Despairs make everyone go for epic. The level of creativity and improvisation it drew out of the players was impressive even compared to how creative they usually are in our weekly Pathfinder game.

Perhaps the best evidence I can give for its quality is that after we beat the "learn the rules one step at a time" adventure(Which is really well crafted as far as I can tell, by the way. It was a great way for me to experience GMing for the first time since it offered a bunch of tips but also allowed tons of room for the players to just do ANYTHING they thought of, forcing me to make stuff up on the fly as well) with the pre-made characters in the Beginner's Game I went out and bought the full rule book the very next day and those of us who could played the beginner's game adventure a second time in as many days with our own characters and my personal changes yet none of us were bored by any sense of repetition. Things went nuts plenty of times and we all had a blast.

On a whim I recorded our session so feel free to check it out if you'd like to see Edge of the Empire in action. We all purposely ham it up a bit when talking out of character for the sake of the recording but nobody acted differently in-character so it should let you see how things go pretty genuinely. The only thing we were waiting until the next session to begin using is the Destiny Points system, but rest assured that just adds to the fun. We're all still learning the rules ourselves(I hadn't even gotten to read the core rules myself at all before the game, they all used it for making their characters) so allow for a few possible wrong choices there as I throw down some quick house rules of my own for certain situations.

Bottom line: The game comes with our highest recommendations.

Session recording: Edge of the Empire: Aggressive Diplomacy - Episode 1

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Nov 19 13 4:06 PM

Re: Starwars: Edge of the Empire

We finally had our first game of Edge this Sunday!

And boy did we have fun with it! Now we did go about the GMing a bit differently, but we did get to test the system and get a feel for how it runs.

And I can safely say that Iam not regretting the purchase of the corebook. Hopefully we will have another session soon, maybe a bit more structured than last time, but equally fun!

Strongly recommended for anyone who wants to try something new!

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