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Sep 11 13 6:05 PM

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I just needed an outlet to say that the resolution of the third well's problems via ofuda was the most hilarious thing yet. I loved the session as a whole, like Sander's scream of abject terror when the Norn were about to toss out history and start over, but that was the best part. I don't even mind that we lost a combat sequence because of it(Tai Li wouldn't have been able to hit anything anyway, right?), it was too perfect.

Possible canon explanation: After the director found out about the lack of an underwater camera for the ice well scene he eventually calmed down by stating that if the budget had to spend a lot to get the Fire Giant monster looking great then that screw up will still have been worth it. Once his prop department responded with "What Fire Giant?" he declared the entire sequence a loss and walked off-set, forcing the actors and his assistants to improvise a quick ending to the conflict outside of the original script.

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