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a quick summary how I got into the hobby and simply showing off some stuff I did over the 5 years.

A friend of mine who I studied with asked me, back in march 2008, if I'd be interested in painting some miniatures.
I dont mind, so I agreed. So after hours we went to his place and he unfold his collection of old and recent Space Ork Miniatures. Oldest were from 2nd edition 40k, he told me to choose one of the grey ones I'd like to paint, we spraypainted it on the drive way and prepared the table while it dried. Another friend of his arrived later, also to paint some of his Sisters of Battle.
We chatted, we ate and had a great time. After giving me all the supplies, (paints, brushes and a book with color references) I painted my first Miniature.
It was alot of fun.

After licking blood I wondered when we would paint again. He didnt knew, because he didnt really skeduled it. So I think it was a week later that I found a gaming store that had 40k Miniatures, and after arriving, I looked through the shelfes of blisters. Then I found a model that I liked the look of. The store owner explained which army he belonged to and sold me the codex with some paints. Looking at the codex I wasnt that keen on the color green at the beginning, but I thought it convenient. If I ever wanted to paint Orks again, I wouldnt need to get any other colores (Which proved right).
My first model I bought was the Dark Angels Company Master.
And he is the only metal model I voluntarely got for this army.

A month later with some birthday money I finally got my first legal army.

But painting takes alot of time, so it went from this,

to this,

only after some more months.

Aaaand there was my addiction. Reading the codex, buying bits here and there, some boxes and scratch builds (because I refuse to handle any metal models in games), I pretty much got more models than I ever need. I dont regret it. I only played 5 times max, but the hours of painting and listening to podcasts while doing so gave me great joy in the hobby.

so here are some pictures for the heck of it.

Experiment in painting differend colores of Power Armor.
White is really tricky.

And a weapon switch just for the Space Crusade games Wulfenbach Hosted a while back.

My Deathwing Army I build over te years.

And the Librarian from the new Starter Box.
My first brush work in 2013.

People propably can tell I am exited for the new wave of DA models.

10 years, and still no clue what to use for a signature.